Monday, July 11, 2005

London is HOT!!!

Its very hot in London just like Madras but humidity is less. There is still tension in London because of the blasts and the underground trains dont stop at some stations.
Will post about everything very soon but before I forget I just want everyone to know one funny thing.
I came to London by Jet Airways (this is a domestic airlines in India). I had my ticket booked in Air India and when i was about to board the plane in Bombay I couldnt find any Air India plane and I saw this Jet Airways plane. Thoughts running in my head :
  1. Am I going to the correct place? Is this plane going to London?
  2. I want to go to London do they know that? They have check my ticket where are they sending me?
  3. Are they going to do experiments on my body after they take me to some god forsaken country?
  4. Are Jet Airways and the Taliban linked in anyway?Are they going to kidnap me and take me to Uzbekistan?
  5. Why am I going in a Jet Airways flight? It is a local airline. Oh shit I am traveling in a local airlines meet the queen. What will she think??
  6. Wow!! Thankfully I will not see any sad old aunties (some call them airhostesses) in Air India.

Reached here safe and sound on a hot Sunday afternoon.



Sayesha 5:23 PM, July 11, 2005  

What a relief to see a post from you! Enjoy your stay, Virdi! :)

viv,  3:31 AM, July 12, 2005  

Yeah, was hoping you'd be safe and sound! Good to hear from you!

Now, go watch the crickey on the telly!

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